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The site is a reflection of my journey to generating a full-time income from my Fiction Authorpreneurship. If this is what you’re looking to do as well then this is the place for you. As you can see, but they just little sparse at the moment, but I’ll be building content for you as things go along. After all, I’d like to experience what I’m writing about before writing about it.

The best curated content

I’m working on a wide range of articles for you, following the content curation method. This site is about helping me become a full-time author as much as it is helping you to do the same. As time goes by I’ll be adding information on each facet of the business as I come across it and as I experience it. Each article will be updated as I go along. If you come across any interesting information that you think I might find useful please feel free to pop me an email.

Contact me if you have a question

Some things that I want to talk about do not appear on the site yet, but that does not mean that I haven’t got anything to share on that facet of the business. So if you have any questions about a certain part all of the fiction entrepreneurship business that I haven’t addressed yet, please feel free to contact me and ask for it I’ll hurry up that bit of information or we can just chat over email.

About Dauntless Writing

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There are a lot of books on the art ¬†and craft of being a fiction entrepreneur. Click the link above to see what I thought about some of the books I’ve read in this regard.

What now?

Fiction authorpreneurship¬†has three main facets, organizing marketing and craft. I’ll be spreading my content between these three facets as a rule, and to keep things simple you can access a portal page to each one below. It’ll keep things neat and organized so you can find all the information you need without needing to dig around the site:

Organizing Authorship

Crafting Fiction

Marketing Fiction