Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl

Your First 1000 Copies by Tim GrahlYour First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl

Your future

Picture this: Last night you pressed the send button on your book launch. Things that were scheduled weeks ago all went live overnight. Now, sitting at home, with a steaming cup of coffee in your hands, you’re watching your Facebook feed fill up with people mentioning you and the book you’ve just published. Their excitement over what you’ve written clogs up your Twitter notifications and the e-mails keep rolling in.

Your first 1000 copies just sold, and you are on your way to being a successful author.

This is your future, created using the instructions provided by Tim Grahl’s Your First 1000 Copies. Even better, you know that this is not a one day boom thing. Tomorrow, more people will buy it and share their joy with their friends. Next month, people will still be buying it, even though you’ve moved on to writing a new book to give to your legions of adoring fans.

This is my dream as well, and with this book, I’ll be having a morning like that very soon.

This is the book about book marketing that I wished I’d read three years ago.

I’ve been putting together my own fiction writing business for years, but I’ve never been really sure of what I was doing. My approach has been haphazard and my sales a bit sketchy. Yes, I’ve tried a few things, and the results thus far have not been the best. But I’m sure it would have been a heck of a lot better if I had this book in my hands three years ago, when I published my first book. Maybe then I would have been able to quit my dull day job by now.

Concise and clear, immediately implementable step by step instructions.

This is not a long book, and I focused through it within 24h after buying it, thanks in no small part to the Audible version bundled with the e-book. The instructions contained in it will now form part of every single thing I do for my online Authorpreneur business here on out. I paid more for it than I usually would for an e-book, but the impact that it had on my approach makes it invaluable to me. Tim managed to do what has been eluding me for some time, he managed to cut through the entire online information overload I was suffering from and list the 4 steps I needed to follow to sell my first 1000 copies, and many more after that. I now have a clear plan in place for my business.

The 4 steps you need to be successful at getting your book into reader’s hands.

I knew about each of the 4 steps he listed, but no-one ever really managed to put them together quite as clearly as Tim did. This book put these 4 aspects of online entrepreneurship into perspective for me and linked them to each other in a clear, step by step way, which made all the difference.

Evergreen bonus content and powerful chapter takeaways at the end of each chapter.

Tim Grahl did another thing that I really enjoyed. He included a helpful summary of every chapter at the end of the chapter, something I’ll definitely do should I ever write a non-fiction book. He also included links to his site for things that may change in the future, such as which e-mail list provider is currently the best in his opinion, so that his advice never stagnates. Brilliant. I’ll be stealing that idea as well! That book, whenever it’s written is going to be great!

You don’t need this book

The fact is, there are still some authors who think that they can sit back and let someone else, like publishers, take over the marketing and sales of their books. They think that they’re artists and that marketing and selling is not for them. If you are that author, then you don’t need this book. If you are that author, then I guess you don’t need to sell any copies of your artwork either. I’m sure your mum will buy a copy.

This book is for those of you who know that the days of writing a book and letting the publishers handle the rest are over. This book is for those of you who are not afraid to work hard for their books, because, believe me, Tim’s ideas are hard work to implement consistantly. The steps are easy, but doing them day in and day out is hard. But, on that morning, with that steaming cup of coffee in your hands, every hour that you spent on these steps will be worth it.

A marketing plan that will work even if Amazon fails tomorrow

Implementing the steps detailed in Tim’s book will get you your first 1000 copies sold. In fact, you will still be able use these steps even if Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and any other number of online book retailers fail simultaneously. Even if Facebook and all other Social Media sites fail, you will still be in business through the principles guiding the book.

Want to see someone living the steps outlined in this book?

Start with me. I’m implementing every single thing I can in my authorpreneur business. But also go have a look at Tim Grahl’s immensely useful site Tim’s mantra is “be relentlessly helpful”, and you can clearly see that ideal at work in his online presence. He definitely walks the walk. Every article on there is a paradigm shifting experience.

Don’t believe that this book is really that good? Click here to read it for yourself, and let me know in the comments what you think!